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Suryansh represents a group of satellite companies. Suryansh was visualized and dreamt by its visionary founders with the objective radically improve the life of the citizens living in class B and C cities and distts. of the country in an attempt to bring them at par with the citizens of class A cities by providing world class real estate and infrastructure solutions

In a short span of its origination, the companies have acquired immense experience with the help of highly professional, intellectual and zealous talent. The foundations of the company derive its straight and foresight from the expertise of the youthful and zealous group of promoters.

The Group is destined to resurgent the liberal India with excellence and modernity. With the foresight and vision of its founding members the company is striving to carve the new road maps for future development of reality and infrastructure business taking its fruits to the reality and infrastructure hungry distant areas of the country. The company proposes through centralize concentration on developing integrated townships in tier-11 cities establishing presence in IT parks and SEZ and infrastructure thereof.

The company is also striving hard to establish malls in these townships keeping in view the requirements and heritage of these areas strictly following the housing and development policies of the concern government of that area.

The focus of the company is also to preserve heritage and cultural values of that area while developing the dwelling and commercial complexes in that particular area to grace the benefit planned

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